Apps for Android and Windows 8.1 on a Free and Try before Buy basis

This Website offers Android Apps for download. Many Android Apps listed here are totally free to use and many are free to try Android Apps.

Android SMS Manager

Download Android SMS Manager App which can be used to manage SMS on your Android Phone. Whether you are looking for an automatic SMS Reply or just a SMS to voice conversion for incoming messages, this SMS Manager for Android is the best available in market.

Custom Made Apps for Android and Windows 8.1

Hire Software Developers to develop a Custom Made App using the Custom Android App Development Service. You can also Hire Software Developers to fix any bugs or issues with any current App or even upgrade any existing Android / Windows 8.1 App. In order to view sample Android / Windows 8.1 Apps Developed by our Software Developers, search for the word MurGoo on Google Play Store / Windows Syore and try out any of our Free Apps.

Other Free Apps

We have published other Free Android Apps like Location Tracker with Automatic SMS Feature, Tool to Copy Files to SD or Memory Card, Android App Sharing Tool and many more. Do visit where you can find Android App Tutorials, Screenshots and other helpful documentation. On the Daanav Website, you will find Free Android, Windows, Linux and Macintosh Application as well.